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Want to Learn Korean? (Feat. Best Korean Textbook for Beginner!) 음흉함도 이제는 이야기를 담고 싶다. 재미없는 므흣함은 꺼져랏 스토리 있는 므흣함을 은꼴로 잘 담은 콘텐츠를 가져와봅니다.

Today, we’ll teach you two useful Korean expressions! 1. “~고 싶어요.” How to express desire in Korean? When you want to do something, you could say Verb stem + 고 싶어요. 2. , “~보다 더~” This expression is used to compare two different things, ‘~보다’ means than. And the noun comes before 보다 is the thing getting compared. ‘더~’ means more. So, ‘~보다 더~’ means ‘more than’ We’ll also recommend you a Korean textbook for beginners! “Korean For All” The author is famous, beautiful and kind Korean teacher, “Soo Kim” This book is 1. Good for from beginners to intermediate students to study. 2. You can learn from the Korean alphabet to basic words, grammar and expressions 3. The whole explanation is in English, so it is easy for those who are studying Korean for the first time to understand 4. There are practice questions in each chapter, so it’s good to review. 5. There are also videos that teach each chapter on Youtube channel. “Soo Korean” #Koreanforall #SooKorean #Koreanforbeginner

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